Join Prompton

What makes Prompton different? 

Besides over 3 decades of loyal service to the lower mainland, it our approach to real estate that seperates us the most. We are not looking to fill the seats, to battle each other, we trully have a passion for what we do, and we surround ourselves with other like minded real estate professionals. 

The Prompton Vancouver sales team will is comprised of 33 Elite REALTORS – no more, no less! The 33 will be given the tools and the voices to make lasting changes in the industry. We have the infrastructure to create stellar marketing, data-driven analytics, and ease of communications.

The 33 will elevate the industry standard and embody what it means to be an elite REALTOR at Prompton. They will adhere to the highest standard of client service and marketing quality. The team will exemplify performance, progression, and grit. We do not want to simply have an impact on the industry, we want to change the game and deliver a unique brokerage level of service to the client.

Prompton an official partner of Concord Pacific, Canada's largest community builder. The 33 will have exclusive insider knowledge of upcoming Concord Pacific developments and pre-sale opportunities.

Prompton and the 33 are partnered for success, we will grow with our team of REALTORS sharing their success and challenges.

We are Prompton, we are the 33.