Matin (mateen) Hakemi

Matin (mateen) Hakemi, REALTOR®

Speaks: English, Farsi




Let us wow you!" This mantra encapsulates the ethos that has driven Matin Hakemi's 15-year career in Vancouver's competitive real estate market. Matin's journey began with obtaining his real estate license and gaining invaluable market insights at Rennie and Associates. Recognizing a unique opportunity to create a distinctive brand. The impact of Matin's dedication and expertise is evident in his impressive achievements: three consecutive years of sales performance awards while earning Superhost status on Airbnb with 245 reviews averaging 4.81 out of 5 stars.

Matin's philosophy, "You are where you live, wow yourself," reflects his commitment to enhancing the real estate experience. Purchasing a property is just the beginning, knowing what to do after to make that property a home people want to live in or rent is the finish line.  

In his professional focus, Matin emphasizes the importance of planning and preparation in the sale or purchase of homes. His expertise spans completing renovations, furnishing properties, obtaining strata approvals, securing city permits, and overseeing implementation. Matin's goal is to create and realize value through rental or resale, with numerous successful examples demonstrating his expertise.
Matin Hakemi hopes that his dedication to excellence, combined with his strategic vision and hands-on approach, will help define a valuable standard in the Vancouver real estate landscape.

Matin (mateen) Hakemi does not currently have active listings. Please check back frequently or contact Matin (mateen) Hakemi directly.