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Prompton REALTORS are trained to provide the most information possible to Buyers when they are purchasing Real Estate. 

We ask the questions that matter and ensure we listen to what a buyer needs. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers and taking away uncertainty in the buying process. Prompton Real Estate Services prides itself on being a boutique brokerage with REALTORS that have specialized skills and services, unique to the industry. Whether you are searching for a pre-sale investment property, development land, False Creek waterfront property, or any other real estate, our exclusive team of REALTORS will determine what is essential to a buyer and ensure that every aspect of the experience is covered to the smallest detail. 

By blending technology with traditional experience, we take the guesswork out of buying real estate. We ask high-gain questions and determine what the buyer really wants, then work together to determine what features and advantages we can offer. 

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